Tutaj znajdują się wszystkie serialowe piosenki.

Sezon 1 Edytuj

No. Odcinek Piosenka Wykonawcy
1 Wielka przygoda Blythe The Littlest Pet Shop Pets Zoe, Pepper, Vinnie, Minka, Sunil, Russell, Penny Ling
4 Uwolnić Gail Dance Like You Know You Can Zoe
5 Powiedz, z czego się śmiejesz? BFF's Bliźniaczki Biskit, Blythe
I'm Sorry Pepper
7 Russell się bawi Be Yourself/Just Like You Blythe, Sue
Fun Being Fun Russell
8 Zadurzona Blythe Crush Zoe
9 Wredna Winda If You're a Guy Vinnie, Sunil, Russell
10 Oko zniszczenia It's a Dancing Day Vinnie
12 Jaszczurka umie tańczyć Gotta Get To The Studio Vinnie
13 Światła, kamera, mangusta! Superstar Life Shahrukh

Penny Ling, Minka, Pepper, Zoe

Think You Need Zoe
14 Na czele z Buttercream The Sweet Shop Buttercream, Russell, Vinnie, Penny Ling, Minka, Sunil

Zoe, Pepper

17 Z tatą na pokładzie "Howdy Do" song Roger Baxter and Blythe
19 Co mówiliście? Humanarian Zoe, Sunil, Penny Ling, Minka, Pepper
22 Masa szczęcia Miss Anna T, If You Please Robert Wilson

Andy Stein, Marty Robson

23 Zatrzaśnięte drzwi Wolf-i-fied Sunil, Vinnie

Russell, Zoe, Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling

24 Przyjaciele, wrogowie My New Tail Vinnie
25 Projekt:podopieczny Lost and Found Box Youngmee, Christie, Blythe
My Small Squirrel Laura Hastings
26 Wakacyjny Blues

Stay Here Forever

It Won't Be Long

Zoe, Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling, Sunil, Vinnie, Russell

Jessica Zraly

Sezon 2 Edytuj

No. Odcinek Piosenka Wykonawcy
1 Missing Blythe Fashion University North Blythe, F.U.N Uczniowie
7 What,Meme Worry? We're Havin' a Party, Party

Two Times as Cute

Bliźniaczki Biskit,Lokaj

8 The Big, Feathered Parade I-Guana Rhumba Vinnie
9 A Day at the Museum Dino-pets Zoe, Minka, Penny Ling
11 Blythe's Big Idea Pet Friendly Skies Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling, Russell, Vinnie, Sunil, Guest Pets
12 Commercial Succes Come to the Littlest Pet Shop Zoe,Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling, Russell, Vinnie, Sunil
14 To Paris with Zoe Chez Paris Minka, Pepper, Penny Ling, Russell, Sunil
15 Super Sunil El Cobra Cabra Chór
17 Shanghai Hi-Jinks Dance Fu Fighting Vinnie
18 Grounded Biskit Twins Rhapsody Bliźniaczki Biskit,Roger
19 Inside Job Two for One Bliźniaczki Biskit
20 Plane it to Rio! Song of Brazil Minka
21 Littlest Bigfoot Just Unplug Zoe
22 Sunil's Sick Day Cyril McFlip Russell,Minka,Penny,Pepper,Zoe
25 The Expo Factor cz.1 All Around the World Delilah
26 The Expo Factor cz.2 Won't Have To Look Too Far Penny,Pepper,Minka,Zoe,Blythe,Sunil,Russell,Vinnie

Sezon 3 Edytuj

No. Odcinek Piosenka Wykonawcy
1 Sleeper Hangin' by a Thread Vinnie, Sunil
6 Tongue Tied A Perfect Day


10 Fish Out of Water Treasure Out of Trash Lemasque
13 The Secret Recipe My Biggest Secret Blythe
11 Snow Stormin' Chase Away The Winter Blues Blythe oraz zwierzaki
17 Room Enough A Different Kind of Girl Chór
19 Pet Sounds If I Could Talk to the Humans Cheep-Cheep oraz zwierzaki
21 A Night at the Pawza Biskit Family Business Fisher Biskit, Bliźniaczki Biskit
22 Proud as a... Peacock? You're the One Chór
23 Sue Syndome A Skunk is a Skunk Mitzi, Pepper
25 It's the Pet Fest - Part 1 Breathless Kozie Bródki
26 t's the Pet Fest - Part 2 Pets and Humans Kozie Bródki, Heidi oraz zwierzaki

Sezon 4 Edytuj

No. Odcinek Piosenka Wykonawcy
1. Pitch Purrfect Not Every Star In In The Sky Zoe, Delilah, Koty
2. Pitch Purrfect Hearty Time Pet Food Jingle Zoe, Sunil, Penny Ling, Vinnie
3. Littlest Pet Shop Of Horrors Dude Is A Vampire Russel, Vlad
4. The Tiniest Animal Store The Tiniest Animal Store Jingle Chór
5. Un-vetted Can't Give Up Zoe, Russell
6. Pump up The Panda Summer Sunsations Zwierzęta
7. Snipmates Pain And Suffering Sugar Sprinkles
8. Guilt Tripping The Guilty Tango Blythe, Pepper
9. Steamed Pawrista's Coffee Suar Sprinkles
10. On The Same Page To Tell You The Truth Blythe, Zwierzęta


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