Piosenka z odcinka Shanghai Hi-Jinks
320px-Dance Fu Fighting

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I'm the one dancer no ghost can lick
Sending evil spirits packing with my lizard scissor kick
I spin like a butterfly, sting like a bee
You're a ghost? So what? You still don't scare me
Oops, watch out! Nope, you didn't see that
I twinkle on my toes and one, two, three, splat
Every pirouette spin is faster than lightning
If there's anything I'm good at, it's dance fu fighting
[Terra Cotta Warrior Chief]
I'm the Terra Cotta King, you don't stand a chance
I've got a hundred ancient warriors just waiting to dance
Every kick, step in perfect synchronization
The undefeated ghost army of the dance fu nation
You've been buried in the ground since ancient times
I know trees who are better at busting out rhymes
Your moves are so old they're all covered in rust
Prepare your ghost army to be turned to dust
A little do-se-do step and then repeat
This is one dance where I step on your feet
I spin like a dervish just try and run
That's ghost army zero to one hundred and one
Vinnie: Hi-yah.
[Smok Chiński]
What's the problem, Vinnie? You look a little scared
Not used to fighting dragons? Better start to prepare
My entire body is a dance fu fighting machine
I'll eat five of you for breakfast and still stay lean
Trained in the ancient art of dance war
I'll scare you to death, then bring you back for more
I see your puny moves it's a dancing fail
Now prepare to get schooled by my dance fu tail
You're big, I'll admit you got that going
But oops, watch out, I think your clumsy is showing
You call yourself a dragon? You can't even blow fire
Now grab a cane and sit back, you're about to retire

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