Śpiewane przez zwierzętami podczas sekwencji wyobraźni w Commercial Success.

Come to the Littlest Pet Shop
640px-Come to the Littlest Pet Shop
Wykonawcy: Zoe Trent, Pepper Clark, Penny Ling, Sunil Nevla, Minka Mark, Russell Ferguson, Vinnie Terrio
Odcinek publikacji: Commercial Success
Sezon premiery: Sezon 2
Czas trwania: 0:54

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You got money in your pocket that you wanna spend
Come to Littlest Pet Shop and be a friend
For all your pet shop ne-e-e-e-eds
Supplies are all organic and gluten-free
Don't wait, just take a chance
Coming here will make you want to sing and dance
A daycare for your pets
Where we sing duets
And there's no regrets
Plus, we sell fishing nets
Russell: Um, actually, Vinnie, we don't sell fishing nets.
Vinnie: Oh. Well, maybe we should.
Russell: Not really a pet supply
Vinnie: Eh, fish are pets, too.
All: Yeah!
Sunil: He's got you there, Russell.
Russell: Fine.
Just come to Littlest Pet Shop
Yeah, come on up to Littlest Pet Shop
Spend all your money at the Littlest Pet Shop
Where we'll be your friend, too.

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